Every picture taken is a personal journey inside the photographer's mind. 

 A portal to multiple realities, alternate universes filled with stories of unique characters yet to be discovered. 

 My mission is to understand my own reality, a never-ending adventure of self-discoverythat depicts life from a unique point of view.

 My goal is to capture a unique moment in the life of the people in front of the camera, pushing my own boundaries to become a better storyteller, composer and performer of my own vision.

Experience & Accomplishments

Digital Photography - Niagara College Canada (Welland, ON)

Full-time Student · 2015-17

NetStream Multimedios (Saltillo, Coah. Mexico)

Photographer & Video Producer · 2014-15

Escaparate magazine (Saltillo, Coah. Mexico)

Photographer & Video Producer · 2012-13

*The link contains a compilation of pictures done in this company including the mentioned above.

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